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Until earth is ready to contribute its own technology you will be using components manufactured by these civilizations:

The Cytol were originally a race of bipedal hominids whose obsession with automation became their downfall. Their robot slaves were given too much autonomy and eventually eliminated their makers. They have since modelled themselves after their former masters in appearance and social structure, as well as inheriting their enthusiasm for conflict. cytol look
or atha
Far away from its local sun a massive gas giant planet with extremes of gravity, cold, pressure and dense atmospheric gases, has produced some extraordinary life forms. Giant floating organisms contrived of interacting fluid metals with a solid frozen exterior have developed technology through exploiting the buoyant masses of mineral resources which hang in their atmosphere. or atha look
sri kar
A lush warm planet, home to a diversity of silicon-based life. Monstrous insect-like creatures dominate the globe, controlled by intelligent symbiotic organisms able to feed electrical instructions directly into the nerve center of their massive hosts. Through cellular manipulation they are able to define the crystalline growth of physical components for specific purposes. sri kar look
A ludicrous discrepancy in the distribution of wealth curses this severely over populated planet. The diminutive, single-eyed, bipedal Raiken have developed a highly commercialized society with overwhelming unemployment and crime. The oppressive corporations who financially control the planet compete in ROBOFORGE to enhance corporate prestige. raiken look
Millions of years ago these autonomous "Von Neumann Machines" were sent by their creators to establish potential new planets for colonization. Directives prohibit them from harming life so they select suitable uninhabited planets and set about adapting the environment for their masters' arrival. They participate in ROBOFORGE to cement good relations with neighboring worlds while they await communication from home. ultair look
A vast asteroid that has been used for decades as the dumping ground for defunct hardware from several neighboring planets. Not all of this equipment was thoroughly decommissioned resulting in several processors amalgamating into a large self-aware entity, capable of using the abundance of surrounding resources to evolve a fully functional robot society. volker look